WT3D3034X2 - Spanish Retro White Square Glossy 3D Tile Stickers 15 X 15Cm (6 X 6 In) - 32Pcs In A Pack 🎈Weekly Treasure Steal🎈

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These field tiles are perfect for adding a new dimension to any interior, modern or traditional! Our 3D Sticker tiles are ideal for interior a whole new look, DIY within minutes without adding more labor cost like traditional tiles. To apply, just peel and stick onto any clean, flat surface, and you are good to go! Do not wait another day to make your home feel as bright and wild as you are! Epoxy surfaces with long durability, water, and fire resistance. Can be easily trimmed/cut to fit. Application notes: Please only attach to the painted surface at least three weeks after painting and clean the surface prior to application. This product can be applied in the toilet as well as the kitchen.