Wood chevron mosaic vinyl floor mat - 2' x 3'🎈Weekly Treasure Steal🎈

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Protect your floors or other areas of high-frequency food consumption or foot/paw traffic in your home or place of business. This attractive stain and fade-resistant mat can be placed under pet bowls, dinner plates, and by a door to greet a muddy dog or child. Vinyl can be a bit slippery if wet, so be sure to wipe up any liquids to avoid falls. In place of an area rug, which can hold in germs and odors, a well-made floor mat or table mat, depending upon your size preference, offers trouble-free cleaning with a riveting, winding, tiled representation, which allows for adaptable placement in any conventional or contemporary space. Every home or space needs the ornate yet pragmatic pieces to add a sense of creature comforts and livability.