Value Series 2" x 2" Porcelain Honeycomb Mosaic Tile (2 in stock) 🎈Treasure Steal🎈

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Add a little sparkle to your home with this Tile from WS Tiles. WS Tiles porcelain tiles are thick and have a gorgeous matte finish, meaning they can be used on the floor even in wet areas. This hexagon porcelain has a neutral color, which means it fits in perfectly with most interior designs. The hexagon shapes give it a modern feel, which means you won't need to change it for a long time. The tile comes on mesh, making it easy to install and fit into those awkward or small spaces. These tiles are perfect for backsplashes, showers, accents, indoor walls, and this tile is designed to be used for flooring. These WS Tiles are chemical-free and safe to be used at home or in the workplace.