Tonka - Metal Movers Dirt & Dig Playset - 5 in Stock

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Grab your hard hat and get ready to work the jobsite with the Tonka - Metal Movers Dig & Dirt Playset! With its transportable Dirt Bucket, 1:64 scale die-cast Metal Movers Dump Truck, and construction accessories the all-new Dig & Dirt playset brings the construction zone home! Set up construction signs and cones while loading the Metal Movers Dump Truck with 16oz of easy to clean Tonka Dirt. Tonka Dirt is mold-able, pliable, soft and smooth. Load, Haul, Bury and Dig Out your construction accessories. PLUS, this awesome playset comes complete with included plastic shovel, construction sign, and cones for hours of fun and entertainment for kids of all ages. Designed for Children Ages 3 and Up.