Sharice Semi-Sheer Outdoor Roller Shade 🎈Treasure Steal 🎈

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Are you hot and uncomfortable in your outdoor spaces? Do you want to reduce cooling costs and glare inside your home? If so, then install this Cordless Semi-Sheer Outdoor Roller Shade on your patio, pergola, porch, or sunroom. Install over the exterior side of windows to prevent solar gain inside. Their shades are made from a high-quality, durable PVC woven fabric that is more wind stable and wrinkle resistant than shades made of knitted polyester fabric. With up to 90% UV block, this shade keeps your space cool, while lowering your energy costs, reducing blinding glare and fading of furniture. Their easy install system includes a template and easy-to-click in & out brackets. Simply roll your shades down, using the pole and crank system, and start enjoying your outdoor space again. This shade features an aluminum rubbed bronze valance to protect your shade when not in use and to extend the life of your fabric for years of worry-free use.