Peiqi TV Stand for TVs up to 70"

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As we know, TV is for recreation, relaxation and precious family time and in many cases, it is the light that sets the right mood. If you're also looking for a functional TV stand with marvelous lighting design for a better television experience, try our LED TV stand. You'll love it! Our modern TV stand for up to 70-inch TV screen can be a perfect choice for your living room. Its adjustable LED lights system with Remote on/off control give options of performing different color layout. Also, it is sturdy with a large storage and load-bearing capacity and durable enough for long-lasting use. The minimalist style caters for any decor style. It could also be a housewarming gift for friends and families. DIY lighting effects. Just press the on/off switch control; 16-color LED lights and 4 flash effects are all available to you. The diverse lighting effects set the right mood for your room. You can DIY your lighting as you prefer. Dim the light for a romantic movie with your lovers as night falls; an intimate atmosphere tends to be pervasive everywhere. It is such a flattering glow that makes two hearts grow fonder.