Jacobson Water/Sand Offset Cantilever Plastic Free Standing Umbrella Base (Set of 4)

Sale price $95.99 Regular price $199.00

The cantilever umbrella weights are the perfect solution for weighing down the cross base of an offset patio umbrella. The base plate weights are sold in a set of 4, so you can choose to use all 4 or use one on each side. Each weight features durable plastic construction with an easy-fill spout so each base weight can be with 43.75 lbs of water or 50 lbs of sand. Easy fillable spouts on each base for carrying make the base plates easy to use and maintain, more effective and easier to use than a weighted bag. Each set includes 4 base plates to completely weigh down across base umbrella, made of durable plastic construction that is weatherproof and designed to survive the harsh elements