Hansgrohe Locarno Transitional 2-Handle 7-Inch Wide , Temperature Memory, Thermostatic Valve Trim Only, With Diverter In Chrome, 04820000 - 🎈Treasure Steal🎈 🎈

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Inspired by the art deco movement and the 1920s, it is the revival of iconic sophistication and elegance. The geometric octagonal form recalls the monumental period and will make a bold statement of authenticity and artistic appreciation in any living space. It will enable endless creativity, opening the door for uniquely glamorous interior spaces. The thermostatic trim with volume control and diverter perfectly coordinates with the entire bath and shower collection. The trim is optimized for low-flow shower options, giving you the same great performance while saving water. It also features temperature memory, allowing you to set your desired water temperature so it's perfect every time. Transform your bathroom into a cleaner part of your home.