FAO Schwarz Style Runway 4-Sided Fashion Show Playset - 3 in Stock 🎈Treasure Steal🎈 🔥HOT DEAL🔥

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Produce, stage, and star in your own fashion show using the FAO Schwarz Fashion Runway Set. With four distinct zones, your child will be able to fully immerse themselves in the fashion runway world. The backstage area consists of a hair and makeup section with a real vanity mirror and dressing room to apply makeup and change outfits in private. The designer closet features a clothes hanger to store all the outfits that will be on display during the show. Once your child is ready for showtime they will step through the red fabric curtain and walk down the LED lit pathway to showoff all of their hard work. When the show is over, the stage can be easily broken down and stored for future productions.


Number of Pieces: 62