60 Watt Equivalent, G25 LED Dimmable Light Bulb, (2700K) E26/Medium (Standard) Base 🎈Treasure Steal🎈 🎈

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Bulbrite's filament series replicates the look and feel of traditional lighting. Providing warm lighting in a shape you’re used to, these bulbs are an easy step into energy-efficient lighting that looks good. Fully with a wide range of systems including traditional incandescents and CFL or specific dimmers. Ideal for general-purpose lighting applications such as ceiling fixtures and portable lamps where a traditional look is desired as well as energy efficiency. Get the traditional look you want for your home with the energy efficiency and long life of technology. At 2700K, these bulbs produce a soft white light. Not too harsh and not too dim, it's the perfect amount of lighting for most indoor, residential uses. Also perfect in commercial applications. The effect is pronounced with this type of round glass globe in a white finish. LED bulbs are known to outlast and outperform their incandescent and halogen counterparts. Each of these bulbs replaces an 8.5 W incandescent bulb while lasting 15,000 hours each saving time and money on replacement bulbs over the life of your fixture.