Craner Light-Filtering Rod Pocket Single Curtain Panel

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Perfect to install on your French windows, this Rod Pocket Curtain Panel has an understated sense of style, which seamlessly blends with contemporary decor. Fashioned in striking shades of off-white and red, this curtain panel looks chic against most backdrops. A great option to shield external light, it also helps maintain privacy in the room. This Rod Pocket Curtain Panel is made out of 100% polyester for optimum strength and longevity. It sports a unique design, which features a rod pocket on either end. These rods pockets allow the panel to be hung either from the top or from the bottom, as per your choice. This curtain panel has a broad red stripe at the top, which is followed by the flocking and pin tucking treatments. This Curtain Panel is fully lined to ensure maximum insulation and privacy. The striking and unique pattern of this curtain enhances its overall aesthetic appeal, thereby making it an ideal addition in any home. This Rod Pocket Curtain Panel requires minimum maintenance. It can be dry cleaned to upkeep its texture and quality for a long time and to keep it looking as good as new.