Split Folding Wood Bunkie Board- QUEEN🎈Weekly Treasure Steal🎈

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This Folding Wood Bunkie Board provides a solid surface foundation for any platform beds, bunks, and daybeds. It adds support to the mattress and will keep mattress stay in good shape thus extending the life of your mattress. It will give the firm bottom support for the mattress and raises the mattress for about 1.5". When a mattress is placed directly on slats or metal spring, the mattress will tend to rip or sink. These can be avoided with the use of a bunky board. Using a bunky board doubles the mattress' life expectancy. This bunky board is a good alternative instead of a box spring that may be too high for day beds. It will give the bed a lift without adding much height. This bunky board is strong enough to be used directly on the bed frame instead of a box spring. It will give the mattress a lift which is quite low but will hold up the mattress. It is wrapped in a stitch bonded nonwoven fabric. This spring sleep bunky board will give you enduring comfort and durability for an excellent sleep.