Water Jet Series 3" x 4" Glass Arabesque Mosaic Tile- 7 available 🎈Weekly Treasure Steal🎈

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Add a little sparkle to your home courtesy of WS Tiles! We produce only the most beautiful and elegant tiles, so that no matter the project, we will help make your home look clean, modern, and fresh for years to come. Our premium quality glass mosaics and tiles are all 8mm (1/3") thick, making them more durable than economy 4mm and 6mm glass mosaics widely available on the market. These Water Jet Series Glass Mosaic Tiles come in a variety of neutral and bold colors with a glossy finish, which means there is a tile that fits in perfectly with every interior design. Each glass piece has a single solid color, and the thickness of the tile will add a greater depth to this color, making the tile look spectacularly pure and vivid. The arabesque shapes of the tiles give them a classic feel and will make them stand out in your home. The tiles are cut using a water jet machine, so each piece is the same shape and size. The colors are burned onto the glass so that they won't fade, age, or have significant color variations. They are mesh mounted, making it easy to install them with thin-set and grout, but you can also remove them from the mesh if you wish. The semi-opaque nature of glass makes these tiles look beautiful in natural and artificial light, giving your room a stunning appearance no matter the time of day. Our products are perfect for backsplashes, showers, accents, indoor walls and can even be used in swimming pools if sealed correctly by your contractor. All our tiles are chemical-free and safe to be used at home or in the workplace.