Cataleya 2 Door Storage Cabinet 🎈Weekly Treasure Steal🎈

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A beautiful piece of furniture, this Multimedia Storage Cabinet is the perfect choice to stack all your multimedia resources. Simple and contemporary, the cabinet looks classy with all kinds of interiors. Place it near your DVD player for easy access and convenience. This beautiful multimedia storage is made of laminated composite woods. It comes in different finishes, so you can select the one that will gel well with other furniture in the room you decide to place it in. The sleek design and bold cuts of this table blend well with all decors. The cabinet has 34 internal shelves, which are adjustable according to your requirement. The hardware used on the cabinet is strong and has a brushed nickel finish. The cabinet has a capacity of 702 CD’s or 448 DVD’s. Arrange your CD’s or Blu-rays alphabetically, so that they are easily accessible for future use. Due to its sheer size, the cabinet can also be used in commercial establishments like video parlors. This Multimedia Storage Cabinet is eco-friendly and suitable for all surroundings.