Creline Under-The-Bed Blanket Storage Bag

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Protects your favorite blankets, throws, and bedding, whether they are in seasonal storage or just awaiting the next wash-cycle.Fits multiple blankets, holding them securely and safely inside a smooth canvas bag. The sturdy bag protects your bedding from dust, debris, and other soils of storage while still allowing the bag's contents to breathe, thus extending the wear of your blankets. Ideal for both longer term storage and more frequent access, the zippered blanket bag is convenient and easy to use. The bag can be used as an instant upgrade in your clothing care. But what truly makes this blanket bag distinctive is its luxurious pairing with cedar. Each bag is designed to be used with cedar panels, sold separately, that instantly transform the bag from simple blanket and bedding storage to luxury closet. The bag uses 6 planks made from 100% natural red cedar that link together to form a base for the bag. The cedar freshens and protects the bag's contents naturally.